Since our establishment in 1953, customer service has been an integral part of our business. It continues to be our focus as we respect the time and effort of our customers.

Our professional, knowledgeable sales and support representatives pride themselves on knowing your business. Our salespeople will take the time to answer your concerns and help you select the products best suited for your project.

Our sales representatives are an extension of your business:

  • Jobsite Visits: Sales representatives can meet with you at your jobsite to review plans, jobsite conditions, and determine the scheduling of your next deliveries.
  • Sales & Support Teams: If your sales representative is in the field, you can speak with their assigned support person to help with your needs.
  • Delivery: While you are discussing your project, our Contractor Sales or Support representative will help you determine which of the three methods of delivery (dump, knuckle boom or stick boom) would best fit your needs.
  • Sub-contractor Referral: If you find that your regular framing, siding or deck sub-contractor is unable to help you on a particular project, we can put you in touch with one from the list of our preferred sub-contractors.

Our goal is to provide the right products, services and information to help make your project successful.