Plywood Supply is a proud member of MBA's Built Green™ of King and Snohomish County since its inception. Plywood Supply carries a variety of products that are environmentally-friendly. When used properly, these materials can also provide points needed for the Built Green™ building program.

As a company, Plywood Supply strives to be a greener contributor to our community. Here are some of the ways we are environmentally conscience:

  • One of our main material suppliers, iLevel® by Weyerhaeuser, on average uses 99% of each log to produce iLevel and Weyerhaeuser wood products, additional wood products, and energy.
  • In addition, our in-house TJ-Xpert® operators help put the right products in the right places. This keeps with the ideology of "use only what you need".
  • We stock products that use recycled and waste materials as a major component such as iLevel®, Trex®, and James Hardie® products.
  • We stock pressure treated wood that has no arsenic and no chromium. Safer for our children; better for our environment.
  • We recycle our plastic and metal banding, wood, lumber wraps, sheetrock bunks, engine oil, antifreeze, fluorescent light tubes, office paper, cardboard, batteries, toner cartridges, computer hardware, steel, aluminum, and plastics.
  • With our operational software system and hardware we are increasingly becoming paperless.
  • Our knuckle boom can place your order at your project without leaving the street to mitigate the impact to your jobsite and environmentally-sensitive areas.
  • We utilize a GPS program to assist in routing our delivery trucks so that mileage and travel time is minimized. Less fuel, less pollution, less congestion on the highways.
  • We changed most of our fleet of forklifts to propane-fueled over diesel. Propane emissions are cleaner than diesel for the environment and for the operator.